Bad Boy Renegade 61"-72" Gas Vanguard or Diesel Perkins

Bad Boy Rogue 54"-61"-72" Kawasaki-Kohler-Yamaha-Vanguard

Bad Boy Maverick 48"-54"-60" Kohler-Kawasaki-Honda 

Bad Boy Outlaw Rebel 54"-61"-72" Kohler-Yamaha-Kawasaki-Vanguard

Bad Boy Compact Outlaw 42"-48" Vanguard-Kawasaki

Bad Boy ZT Elite 48"-54" Kohler-Kawasaki

Bad Boy MZ Magnum 48"-54" Kohler-Kawasaki

Bad Boy Outlaw Revolt 48"-54" Kawasaki



Outlaw RebeL


ZT Elite

Outlaw  Revolt

Compact Outlaw

MZ Magnum

Prices from $11,599

Prices from $9599

Prices from $7499

Prices from $6699

Prices from $6299

Prices from $5899

Prices from $4499

Prices from $3399

Diamond Plus Dealer


Pricing and availability are subject to change without prior notice.

Bad Boy MZ 42" Kohler

Prices from $2999


SO YOU CAN MOW LIKE THE PRO YOU ARE. Bad Boy packs more in their mowers so you can get more out of them. It doesn’t matter if you choose commercial or residential models, every Bad Boy shares the same heavy-duty, last-a-lifetime construction. The all-steel, ‘heavier-duty than they have to be’, cut and welded rails delivers quality. It takes longer to build a Bad Boy mower  than to stamp one out, but it’s the only way to guarantee that Bad Boy won’t just out-mow the competition, but will outlast it as well.